New Year, New Deductible

From the therapists at Rehab Professionals,

If your insurance plan renews on the first of the year, your deductible will reset, meaning you need to pay out of pocket until you meet that deductible, which may be thousands of dollars.

Rehab Professionals of Cleveland can help you get top quality care at much lower prices.

Whether you have neck, back, shoulder, or knee pain, an athletic injury, or need rehab following surgery, we can diagnose your condition, and treat you effectively, at lower out-of-pocket costs to you.

Why Pay So Much More?

Just look at our charges for our physical therapy services compared to a large hospital system.

  Rehab Professionals Large Hospital
Physical Therapy Evaluation & Report $125 $494
Therapeutic Exercise per 15 minutes $55 $205

That Other Big Health System Costs Over 3x As Much!

It's easy see the large difference in fees charged to you for the same services. Over several visits the differences in charges add up quickly.

Don't Wait and Suffer - Get Treatment Right Away

Not only can we provide your therapy for less we can:

  • Treat your problem on your first visit.
  • Help you avoid paying for extra physician visits, unnecessary tests and expensive medications. Our therapists can diagnose your problem at your first visit and get your treatment stated right away.
  • Our care includes instruction in home exercises and lifestyle modification you can solve your problem not just put a band aid on it.

Physician Referrals are Welcome, but not Necessary

We can diagnose your condition and treat you without a physician referral, and most insurance plans will pay for your care. We work with hundreds of physicians throughout Northeast Ohio, and can help you find one that treats your specific condition if needed.

Most important, when you come to Rehab Professionals of Cleveland, you're part of the family, not just a number in a big healthcare system.

To find out how we can help get you out of pain and resume your active life, without breaking the bank, call us.

We have three convenient locations and in most cases, can see you for your first visit within 24 hours.

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