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Have an injury, feeling pain, recovering from surgery? Contact us to speed your recovery.

Welcome to Rehab Professionals of Cleveland…Providing Physical Therapy for the Cleveland Area Since 1998.

Not All Physical Therapy Clinics are the Same!

When you’re in pain, or can’t do what you need to do, you want a physical therapist that 1. listens to your needs, 2. sees you each and every visit, and 3. uses hands-on techniques to relieve your discomfort.

At Rehab Professionals, you’re not just a number in a big system. Our physical therapists take the time to pinpoint the impairments that cause pain and limit mobility, and establish a customized treatment plan so you can get back to enjoying your life.

Trust us for your injury care! NO facility fees.


"I'm back to work and I feel great! Rehab Professionals
Of Cleveland were amazing with the way that they
helped me overcome my injury. Their expert approach
is second to none!" - Sarah, Cleveland

"After my surgery, I couldn't get out of a chair. I felt
completely helpless and frustrated. After my first
therapy session, I already felt stronger! Now I am
playing tennis again!" - Betty, Lakewood

"When I got injured on the field, I was in terrible pain.
I never thought that I would play football again. It hurt
to stand and I was on crutches. After therapy, I was able
to work through the pain and fully recover!"
- Michael, Cleveland